As applications move to public cloud, enterprises have become acutely aware of the security and visibility gap between their on-prem and cloud deployments. Moving to the cloud has not only increased the enterprises' attack surface, it has further increased difficulties for IT in troubleshooting security and connectivity issues due to the lack of sophisticated monitoring of VPC traffic in the cloud, including flow monitoring, similar to that provided by on-prem visibility fabrics such as Big Switch’s Big Monitoring Fabric.

Big Switch Networks has leveraged Cloud-First monitoring principles — pervasive flow-based visibility and analytics — to architect Big Mon for hybrid cloud monitoring. Specifically, for AWS monitoring, Big Mon is enhanced to provide a simple and consistent VPC-based network packet broker to enable flow-based analytics. Big Mon for AWS enables mainstream IT organizations to deploy enterprise-grade monitoring of any cloud workload in any VPC across any cloud-based tool, while ensuring consistent operational workflows with Big Mon on-prem deployments.

Sr. Director, Product Management Big Switch Networks

Panelist: Jagdish Aulakh, Technical Marketing Engineer, Big Switch Networks
The Big Questions
How Big Mon achieves end-to-end visibility and security for applications deployed in AWS public cloud VPCs.
How Big Mon elastically scales as workloads scale-out while providing a simplified, centralized management.
How Multi-Cloud Director enables unified hybrid cloud management across on-prem and multiple public clouds.
Big Mon Fabric Public Cloud