Data Center networking is at an inflection point, where software defined is taking over hardware defined. Vendor churn, speed upgrades to 100 Gbps, hyper-converged infrastructures, micro-segmentation, multi-cloud hosting sites, and Ethernet based storage systems, coupled with automation and continuous operations are driving customers to think and design their networks differently.

This webinar will walk you through networks of the past, many of the common pitfalls of these networks, and how the rapidly evolving software defined data center networking market, where your switching hardware becomes an open platform for software innovations, drives business value.

If you are considering any changes including NSX, bandwidth upgrades, fabric redesigns, operation improvements, containers, or multi-cloud consistency this webinar is for you, as the timing is perfect for re-imagining your network.

Director of Product MarketingBig Switch Networks
System Engineer- USBig Switch Networks
System Engineer- UK & IrelandBig Switch Networks

Moderator: Sharyn Fitzpatrick
The Big Questions
Why legacy networks are poorly aligned with the direction of Data Center IT organizations
Discussion around the new automation, micro-segmentation, hyper-converged scale out use cases and how software defined networking best meet these needs. (NSX, Nutanix, VSAN etc)
How BSN’s BCF offering meets these needs
Configuration, tracing, tracking workflow demo between VMware’s SDDC stack and BCF