Data Center Network transformation is top of mind for enterprises, but networking, with its legacy, box-based designs has inhibited innovation and operational velocity needed for this transformation. For business competitiveness in the digital economy, enterprises need to make their networks invisible, so applications and services can be rapidly deployed to meet business requirements in the digital economy.

This webinar will look at recent innovations, inspired by cloud architectures, that are reinvigorating the mainstream networking community. The webinar focuses on seven signs, each with a specific game-changing technology, that together are driving network modernization. Each transformational sign is supplemented with use case, market adoption and/or customer success story to highlight its adoption by mainstream enterprise and service provider users.

Chief Product Officer Big Switch Networks

Moderator: Kate Lehman, Head of Communications
The Big Questions
Is the legacy, box-based network reaching end-of-life?
Which game-changing technologies are driving network transformations?
What are the top use cases that initiate data center network transformation?