At the OCP Summit 2018, Facebook, Google, and Big Switch demonstrated three next-gen NOS stacks that can perform L3 networking (routing) with modular, interchangeable software and hardware components. All three networking stacks leverage ONL as the foundational platform OS.

ONL -- an OCP networking project -- is an open source Linux distribution, built for open networking switches (white-box/brite-box) from multiple vendors. It has a unique, modular architecture for pluggable 'forwarding agent' and ‘device management’ software. ONL acts as a foundational component for building Network Operating System (NOS) on top of open networking switches. ONL has a broad ecosystem of open networking vendors and is deployed by hundreds of enterprises in production data centers (through Big Switch’s SDN fabric solutions).

In this webinar, we will discuss the latest ONL-based software innovations that are highlighted by these demonstrations, including multiple open-source forwarding agents on ONL, and multiple open-source NOSs on OCP switches.

The Big Questions
What is the next-gen NOS architecture?
How does ONL-based NOS accelerate networking innovations?
Why does ONL rapidly expand open networking hardware ecosystem?
Facebook, Google, Big Switch demonstration of Next-Gen NOS based on Open Network Linux
Chief Product OfficerBig Switch Networks
Co-founderBig Switch Networks

Moderator: Gregg Holzrichter, Chief Marketing Officer, Big Switch Networks