Intent-based networking is a next-generation network operating model for software-defined data centers (SDDC) and cloud organizations. It empowers network operators to get beyond traditional box-by-box approaches of manual network configurations and complex operational workflows that are slow-to-implement and error prone.

In this webinar, Chief Product Officer, Prashant Gandhi, will discuss how intent-based (human-friendly) networking, using Big Switch’s Big Cloud Fabric, can eliminate the complexity and time-consuming nature of provisioning, managing, and troubleshooting data center networks. Intent-based workflows enable users to identify and validate desired outcomes while ensuring automation, zero-touch and deep visibility so the network can operate at the speed of SDDC and Cloud. Key SDDC workflows, such as VM/container deployment and scale-out, network/server change management, and rapid end-to-end troubleshooting, will also be demoed, covering real-world use cases for VMware, Kubernetes/Docker, Hyper-converged and OpenStack/NFV workloads. Additional benefits of multi-fold OpEx improvement and up to 50% CapEx reduction will be presented.

The Big Questions
What is intent-based networking and why does it matter?
Why is intent-based networking key for SDDC and Cloud environments?
How can Big Cloud Fabric enable intent-based networking today?
Intent-based workflows for VMware, OpenStack, and container orchestration environments.
Chief Product OfficerBig Switch Networks

Moderator: Angelique Medina, Sr.Product Marketing Manager, Big Switch Networks