Today’s security teams must keep pace with continuously emerging threats to the network — which means sifting through vast amounts of network data to detect and analyze breaches and determine affected systems.

Big Monitoring Fabric is a next-generation network packet broker solution that enables security teams to see more and operate faster. Its highly-scalable architecture provides pervasive visibility into the network, while its single pane of glass management delivers intuitive, simplified operation.

Information security expert Bill Ward, CISSP will describe how a fabric-based network packet broker architecture can reduce security monitoring costs, provide scalable network visibility, and accelerate intrusion detection and post-event analysis.

Discussion Points
Gaining scalable network visibility for comprehensive breach detection/investigation
Using Big Mon’s Service Node to eliminate duplicate packets and unnecessary traffic for monitoring tools
Leveraging Big Mon’s single pane of glass interface and built-in analytics as a first step in blast radius analysis
Information Security Operations Expert
Sr Systems EngineerBig Switch Networks

Moderator: Angelique Medina, Sr.Product Marketing Manager, Big Switch Networks