Watch this recorded webinar to see Big Switch’s Big Monitoring Fabric with A10 Thunder TPS and SSLi. Did you know that modern DMZ cyber-defense must defend against two critical security challenges: volumetric DDoS attacks and threats embedded in encrypted traffic?

• Today’s attackers are leveraging compromised IoT devices to generate large-scale DDoS attacks. A next-generation cyber-defense solution to defend from such massive and complex attacks requires a software-defined, scale-out architecture. Big Switch Networks and A10 networks have partnered on an SDN-driven security architecture, BigSecure, that leverages Big Monitoring Fabric and A10 Thunder TPS to deliver dynamic, scale-out mitigation for high-bandwidth DDoS attacks.

• In addition, to defend against attacks embedded in SSL traffic, the joint solution with A10 Thunder SSLi and Big Monitoring Fabric offers visibility into SSL encrypted traffic while providing seamless security service chaining and streamlining NetOps/SecOps change management workflows.

The Big Questions
What are the evolving DMZ security requirements for enterprises and SPs?
How does A10 enable high-performance DDoS protection and visibility for SSL encrypted traffic?
How does Big Mon’s SDN-driven programmability with A10 enable dynamic and scale-out DDoS mitigation?
Dynamic DDoS Mitigation with A10 Thunder TPS + Big Mon Inline

DMZ Security Solution with A10 SSL Visibility appliance + Big Mon Inline
Principal Architect A10 Networks
Technical Marketing Engineer Engineer Big Switch Networks

   Moderator: Bala Ramachandran, Director of Product Management, Big Switch Networks