Bring Web Scale Networking Concepts to Your Data Center

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"Web-scale companies run massive data center networks, but they operate very differently from enterprises. I&O leaders that need to support digital business can use this research to apply appropriate web-scale practices to improve data center network agility while reducing costs."
**Gartner - Bring Web Scale Networking Concepts to Your Data Center, Analyst(s): Joe Skorupa, Andrew Lerner, 11 November 2016

Big Switch Networks

Big Switch Networks delivers unprecedented application agility, operational simplicity and cost reduction by leveraging an SDN based architecture and open networking hardware.
  • Big Monitoring Fabric is a next-generation Network Packet Broker (NPB) that enables pervasive security and monitoring of network traffic for an organization and selectively delivers it to multiple security, monitoring, performance measurement and compliance tools.
  • Big Cloud Fabric is the industry’s first data center fabric built using Dell Open Ethernet switches and SDN controller technology. It natively supports integration with VMware (vSphere & NSX) and OpenStack (Neutron & Nova) through a single programmatic interface providing a tremendously simpler and scalable solution compared to box-by-box networking.