GARTNER RESEARCH: Bring Web Scale Networking Concepts to Your Data Center

Read Joe Skorupa and Andrew Lerner's recommendations for Enterprise I&O leaders that want to consider SDN-based network technologies and web-scale practices to accelerate the transition to next-generation data center operations.
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"Web-scale companies run massive data center networks, but they operate very differently from enterprises. I&O leaders that need to support digital business can use this research to apply appropriate web-scale practices to improve data center network agility while reducing costs."
**Gartner - Bring Web Scale Networking Concepts to Your Data Center, Analyst(s): Joe Skorupa, Andrew Lerner, 11 November 2016

Big Switch Networks

Big Switch Networks delivers unprecedented application agility, operational simplicity and cost reduction by leveraging an SDN based architecture and open networking hardware.

Big Cloud Fabric

Next-Generation Data Center Switching
Big Cloud Fabric is the next generation data center switching fabric for rapid provisioning, troubleshooting, innovation, and simplified operations. A controller-driven leaf-spine architecture enables scale out pod deployments for physical and virtual workloads, OpenStack private cloud, VMware environments, container environments, Big Data, and VDI.

Big Monitoring Fabric

Next-Generation Visibility and Security
Big Monitoring Fabric enables pervasive visibility and security of network workloads, selectively delivering them to multiple security, performance and compliance tools—both inline and out-of-band. Network owners can now see and secure every network, VM, container and cloud—and manage, automate, and analyze it all from a single pane interface.