Beyond Theory & POC's: The NFV Solution that delivered a 47% lower TCO

Read the latest ACG Report highlighting Tier I Carrier Deployment
"Creating Agility & Efficiency at Scale: The Economic Advantages of Open Architecture Platforms in NFV Deployments ACG Research, February 2017"
Burgeoning demand for new applications and a wide range of use cases have created a powerful motivation for communication service providers to become more agile in how they deliver their services. A dominant model for enabling this innovation is adoption of cloud-native designs using general-purpose hardware and flexible, openly architected software in which functionality can be enhanced more rapidly than in legacy designs.
Read the ACG report to understand how a Tier 1 service provider did a comparison based on extensive analysis and testing to deploy NFV at scale in its national services infrastructure.
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Big Switch Networks

Big Switch Networks delivers unprecedented application agility, operational simplicity and cost reduction by leveraging an SDN based architecture and open networking hardware.
  • Big Monitoring Fabric is a next-generation Network Packet Broker (NPB) that enables pervasive security and monitoring of network traffic for an organization and selectively delivers it to multiple security, monitoring, performance measurement and compliance tools.
  • Big Cloud Fabric is the industry’s first data center fabric built using Dell Open Ethernet switches and SDN controller technology. It natively supports integration with VMware (vSphere & NSX) and OpenStack (Neutron & Nova) through a single programmatic interface providing a tremendously simpler and scalable solution compared to box-by-box networking.