What: Do you think that SDN could solve a big problem in your DC network?

If yes, Big Switch NetworksⓇ is sponsoring an SDN challenge to help unearth the most interesting, innovative, and compelling customer use-cases. Challenge applicants may submit a use-case proposal (submitting the form provided) and in return receive free software licenses for the Big Cloud FabricTM and/or Big Monitoring FabricTM Community Edition products.

Further, a select number of the most interesting and compelling applicants will receive free switching hardware to more easily realize their use-case.

Contest Software:

Big Cloud Fabric is a true SDN single-point of control multi-tenant production data center controller and network management system. Big Cloud Fabric has native integration with OpenStack and VMware’s ESX orchestration solutions as well as traditional non-virtualized workloads.

With Big Cloud Fabric as a building block, there are many possible use-case proposals, for example:
  • measuring OpenStack scaling and performance
  • studying SDN’s impacts on high-performance computing (HPC)
  • service chaining for replacing middle-boxes or Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
  • big data computations (Hadoop, Spark, etc)
  • IP-based hyper-converged storage
Big Monitoring Fabric is a next-generation Network Packet Broker (NPB) that’s been designed from the ground up to build a pervasive visibility fabric that addresses the challenges of current NPB-based monitoring solutions. Using an SDN-centric architecture, Big Monitoring Fabric enables scale-out fabric for network-wide monitoring, with a single pane of glass for operational simplicity, and multi-tenancy for multiple IT teams (NetOps, DevOps, SecOps).

With Big Monitoring Fabric as a building block, possible compelling use-cases include
  • pervasive security monitoring
  • scale-out application performance monitoring
  • trigger-based dynamic monitoring rules
  • load-balancing across multiple monitoring tools

Contest Hardware:

Both Big Cloud Fabric and Big Monitoring Fabric software products run a variety of 1G, 10G, and 40G data center open networking switches and optics.
Review the Community Edition Datasheet for specific information on the software and required compatible switch hardware.

Contest Rules:

Applications will be considered on a rolling and first-come-first-served basis. Use case proposals will be evaluated by a team of Big Switch Networks experts based on business impact, creativity, and level of innovation. Applications should be submitted by completing the form provided. Applications should describe the use-case innovation & problem it solves, which product (Big Cloud, Big Mon, or both), what the potential business impact would be (specific and quantified if you can), and whether the applicant is willing to share their use-case publicly (e.g., academic publication, quote, blog post, white-paper, etc.)