The simple, cost-effective SDN underlay on Dell and bare-metal switches for VMware NSX

In this webinar for the launch of Big Cloud Fabric 2.6, the panelist discussed how this release delivers physical network automation and physical network visibility to VMware NSX, with seamless integration with vCenter to support any VMware vSphere workload. Virtualization administrators are now able to engage with a highly responsive physical network that operates at the same pace as VM creation/deletion and VM live migration (e.g., vMotion) events.

In this webinar, he showed how Big Cloud Fabric 2.6:

DRIVES rapid resolution of cross-domain issues across both virtualization and network admins

PROVIDES complete NSX VM and host (Virtual Tunnel End Point or VTEP) visibility in the BCF controller

HELPS rapid VTEP-to-VTEP trouble-shooting on BCF fabric underlay across the fabric

DELIVERS direct VMware vCenter™ integration that automates network creation on the physical SDN fabric.


Big Cloud Fabric 2.6 Launch
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